Shantigarbha’s training diary: autumn and early 2012

By · Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Mediation roleplay at a recent training

A participant tries her hand at mediating on a recent workshop, with me coaching

Hi All,

Are you enjoying the august sunshine? I’d like to let you know what I’ll be up to this autumn and winter, and ask for some help. First of all, here’s what I’ll be doing:

And in 2012:

9-Day Residential Training for Palestinians and Israelis by the the Dead Sea, January 2012
The training by the Dead Sea will be a new departure for me. On my travels to the USA, I met an NVC trainer-in-training called Roberta Wall (see her website). I enjoyed having her assist me on a training. Last year, being of Jewish origin, she went to Israel to share NVC. I was so impressed with her accounts of her trainings there, that I offered to support her this winter in running a longer training for both Israelis and Palestinians.

We are all set to start our training Thursday Dec 29 at dinner, and end Saturday January 7 after dark. We’re delighted to announce that the training will be hosted by the EcoME Centre, by the Dead Sea – in a location accessible to Israelis and Palestinians.

Hoping to see you at one of these trainings!

Love and life, Shantigarbha


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