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Farewell NVC Summerfest 2018

Yesterday we had our final debriefing with the Summerfest core team. We had a chance to review feedback from everybody who came, including ourselves. As a team, we were very happy with how the Summerfest went this year — the sun shone, the venue was beautiful, the food was great, there was plenty of fun, a strong sense of community, and deep learning! We weren't aiming for perfection — not that...
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Empathy Archery

Empathy is a respectful understanding of another person’s experience. Since I’ve been learning how to empathize, I've often got it ‘wrong’. What I mean is that the person I was listening to told me, either by a shake of the head or by a ‘No’, that my empathy guess hadn’t landed. I had the sense of firing arrows towards a distant target, and most of them falling short or going wide. At those moment...
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