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About the Team

Nonviolent Communication skills can help transform relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. Shantigarbha and Gesine, CNVC certified trainers, believe that social change starts with compassionate communication, hearing the needs behind our feelings. We work with a wider team of trainers and contributors.


Bristol, UK


Shantigarbha is an international NVC trainer, certified with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication. He teaches on CNVC’s International Intensive Trainings (IITs), is a CNVC Assessor-in-training, and served on the Social Change and Peacemaking working group.

Shantigarbha studied at Oxford University in the UK before embarking on a career in charities and Arts Publishing. He worked for several years for The Karuna Trust, a charity funding health and educational projects among the “Dalits” — some of the poorest people in India. Subsequently he ran a charity producing cassettes on meditation and Buddhism. For ten years he published and co-edited Urthona , the only Buddhist arts magazine.

Shantigarbha at the CNVC certification assessors meeting in Mallorca, November 16

He has been practising meditation and Buddhism since 1985, and in 1996 he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. He was given the name Shantigarbha, which means “seed of peace”, hence the name of our organization. He currently serves as the Coordinator of the UK & Ireland Men“s Regional Convenors and is a trustee of the Triratna Trust (the Order charity).

Shantigarbha has led NVC workshops and retreats in the UK, the Middle East, the US, India and Sri Lanka and offers coaching / counselling for individuals and couples. In 2011 he ran a reconciliation retreat for 100 Israelis and Palestinians near the Dead Sea. He’s author of a forthcoming book on empathy.
He says: “Communication can change the world! I want to connect with people, to create a safe learning environment, to have fun, to mourn and celebrate!”

Why I do what I do: read an interview with Shantigarbha from Bristol’s Spark Magazine.

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Gesine Schrader,

Germany and Bristol, UK

Gesine Schrader

Gesine is a CNVC-certified trainer, living in Bristol, UK. For the past three years she has been facilitating NVC events with and without Shantigarbha in the UK, India, USA and Germany. Her background is in teaching. She is a Montessori-certified teacher, and currently supports a home school in Bristol to integrate NVC. Before moving to the UK from Germany, she worked for five years in a private school as a class teacher. Alongside this, she spent seven years developing an NVC Schools project around her home town of Hamburg. And before that, for seven years she led year-long Mother and Baby courses as a PEKiP-certified trainer.

“My passion is sharing NVC and find a way to bring it into education systems, so kids can ’soak up the water‘ wherever they swim, experience compassionate connection and develop trust in dealing with conflicts.”

Satyadarshin Perry,

Bristol, UK

Satyadarshin Perry

Satyadarshin studied BA (Hons) Graphic Design in Birmingham, was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2001, and then joined the MA Typo/Graphic Studies course at the London College of Communication in 2003. Subsequently he was offered an opportunity to research and train Triratna Buddhist Community public teaching Centres in Webmastering best practice. He now runs an independent Web and print design consultancy, working for Seed of Peace as a part-time marketing administrator, which includes developing this website, designing printed matter like flyers, posters, and training material. He’s currently helping to plan and roll out the 2018 Seed of Peace digital marketing strategy and has recently discovered a minor talent for filming and editing video clips!

Since 1999, Satyadarshin has also been involved with Buddhafield, for whom he’s been a publicity coordinator, Café cook, and Festival organiser. In his spare time he’s an artist, working towards his first solo exhibition in 2019.

Helen Dixon

Bristol, UK

Helen Dixon

I have recently joined the team, working part-time, supporting Gesine with admin. My work background is in Education, working as a School Business Manager in a primary school in Bristol and before that in London. I also worked in the travel industry. The practise of  compassionate communication is a new concept to me, developing a keen interest after meeting Gesine last year. I am looking forward to attending the 5 week beginner course in the Autumn. Three years ago I made some big changes to my life and now spend half my time living off-grid on a Portuguese small holding.