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Bristol: Six-week, Level Two Course (Conflict)

Bristol: Six-week, Level Two Course (Conflict)

About the course

Conflict is inevitable, violence isn’t. Do you want to learn how to solve inner conflicts, resolve your conflicts with others, and support people around you when they are in conflict with each other?

On this course you will practise the skills you’ve learned in your Foundation Training PLUS develop further understanding and skills in the area of conflict:

  • Review and practice the basic ingredients of NVC.
  • Share the ups and downs of applying NVC in your life.
  • Explore how to resolve inner conflict.
  • Find out how to remain centred and break deadlocks in conflicts with others.
  • Find out how to begin mediating between two people who are in conflict.

This Level Two (Deepening) course is designed for practising skills learned in your Level One or Foundation Training, plus developing further understanding and skills in the area of conflict. (The other Level Two courses we offer are in the areas of empathy and anger).


You will need to have completed a Level One course before booking on this Course. We would suggest reading Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, if you haven’t already.

When and where

Six evenings starting Monday, 16 October 2017, 7:30 — 9:45pm, at the Bristol Buddhist Centre, 162 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8NT.


Shantigarbha, certified with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.
Assisted by Gesine Schrader, CNVC certification candidate.
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Training fees

We want to make this work as accessible as possible while making it sustainable in the UK and abroad. To this end, we have a sliding scale of £80 — £300.

Guideline for choosing your fee

  • Choose the lowest figure if you are on benefits and/or regularly struggling to pay the rent.
  • Choose the highest figure if you are regularly eating out well and/or paid for by your employer, and/or want to support others with fewer financial resources to.
  • Attend this workshop and/or want to support Seed of Peace spread NVC in areas of the world where there are fewer financial resources.
  • Choose a figure in the middle e.g. £185, if you are in between.

When you book, please say the amount you are offering to pay. If you are unsure how to decide, please get in touch with us.

Registration and paying your deposit

Please use the booking form on this website.

Further information

For more information on Nonviolent Communication, see our what is NVC? page, the Centre for Nonviolent Communication website, or you could contact us.