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India: Non-residential Workshop, NVC in Close Relationships

India: Non-residential Workshop, NVC in Close Relationships

Sometimes we struggle with dear ones in daily life because we have expectations of them. We get hurt, frustrated, or angry, and conflict arises.

  • How can we take care of both ourselves and others in our close relationships?
  • Do you find it especially hard to step out of habitual patterns of communication in close/intimate relationships?
  • What would it mean to be honest and authentic, yet keep connection?
  • How can you use the tools of NVC, and live in NVC consciousness, in such situations?

NVC is a powerful way of establishing that everybody’s needs matter and for bringing relationships alive. We will offer NVC tools, methods, and possibilities for practising communication skills in everyday life, especially with dear ones.


By the end of this two-day workshop, participants will have enhanced their understanding of:

  • How to connect with themselves and others,
  • How to hear difficult messages,
  • The Yes behind the No,
  • The energetic power of words.


We will be practising:

  • Self-empathy with the NVC Dance Floor as a way to get clarity before expressing oneself.
  • Moving from confrontation to ‘carefrontation’.
  • How to hear and say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, while keeping connection.
  • Staying in touch with oneself and another in close relationship (13 Steps DF)

Date: Weekend 17-18 February 2018.
Trainer: Sudha Shankar and Gesine Schrader, CNVC certified trainers.
Venue: D 333 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110019.
Level: Intermediate. For beginners, please consider joining the Introductory Workshop led by Sudha Shankar on January 27-28, 2018 — details of which we will email you. [ link? ] — or the practice groups in Delhi or Noida. For those unable to attend either, we will provide study material: the workshop will be more meaningful and beneficial when they are familiar with the basics.
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 10.00am – 6.00pm.
Workshop fee: Rs 5500.