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India: NVC Training Programme Level One, Course Structure

Each day of the Indian NVC Training Programme corresponds to a week of the six-week course (Day One corresponds to Week One, etc.)

Day One: “I’ll meet you there”

  • Arriving exercise
  • Understanding conflict through a group role play
  • The Big Picture: The NVC Tree of Compassionate Connection
  • Fight, flight, freeze
  • Practice diary

Day Two: Self-Empathy, growing your roots

  • Self-empathy choices using Embodied NVC
  • Fight, flight, freeze or self-empathy
  • Feelings are feedback about needs: imagined situations
  • Practice diary

Day Three: Deepening the roots of self-empathy

  • Embodied self-empathy
  • Observation input and exercise
  • Guided self-empathy reflection
  • Self-empathy fill-in sheet
  • Practice diary

Day Four: Empathy (connection before correction)

  • Embodied empathy
  • How not to empathise!
  • Empathy Archery
  • Listening in silence
  • Summarising
  • Practice diary

Day Five: From empathising to expressing

  • Sensing what’s important
  • Sensing Feelings and Needs
  • Expressing what’s alive in you
  • Practice diary

Day Six: Fluency

  • Embodying the movement between self-empathy, empathy and self-expression
  • Do-able requests
  • Making compassionate requests
  • Ways to deepen your NVC learning and skills
  • Practice diary


Please read Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life,or watch one of these videos: