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India: NVC Training Programme Gift Culture

September 17: We haven’t yet updated this page with the figures for January’s Level One course in Kochi. Could you check back in a couple of weeks? In the meantime, you can contact Annie and Manasi to register your interest, and/or sign up for our Newsletter in the right-hand column.


This NVC Training Programme is being offered in the spirit of Gift Culture, or Giftivism. We joyfully offer this workshop to you as a gift. As we share our costs here, we invite you to check with yourself what you are willing and joyfully able to give.

We have calculated that the total cost for hosting this event is Rs. 6,83,580, for six days of training for 30-40 participants. This sum includes all logistical costs, your accommodation and food for seven nights, flights, visas, and honoraria for trainers, as well as honoraria and travel costs for organisers.

Projected running cost per person is between Rs. 21000 and Rs. 24500 per person, depending on the kind of accommodation you would like.

Please consider this as you register, and indicate in the form what you would like to pay.

If you need more support in understanding and deciding, and for details and guidelines, please read below or contact us:

Annie (annie.ant@gmail.com and +91-991 1083785)

Manasi (encompassiondelhi@gmail.com and +91-7011352079)

Co-creating This Event in the Spirit of Gift Culture: Details and Guidelines

What is Gift Culture or Giftivism?
Some of you may have come across this concept before, especially if you have been to an NVC event in India, while to others this may be a totally new concept. Gift Culture has worked for the NVC community at conventions and previous events. In fact, it has generated energy and growth in the community.

For more information and inspiration, you could watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpyc84kamhw This talk was one of the resources that inspired us to opt for Gift Culture for this event, particularly: “our inner transformation is tied to the outer manifestation… and that’s Giftivism.”

Why We Have Chosen Gift Culture
As a part of creating a culture of compassion in and around India, we have been deeply inspired by the concept of Gift Culture or Giftivism. Remaining grounded in this concept supports us to stay in our integrity – to help us “walk our talk”.

We want this event:
– To be open to everyone who can benefit from it regardless of economic resources
– To contribute to creating a culture of peace and nonviolence
– To be sustainable for ourselves as we do this work now and in the future
– To be a meaningful and joyful learning experience for all

It is with this in mind that we are exploring Gift Culture for this event.

Guidelines for Contributions
Gift culture suggests that what is exchanged between people is not transactional, and that everyone has something to contribute. We welcome your contribute in this spirit.

We invite you to check with yourself what works best for you financially.

Here are some suggested guidelines:
– If you are doing well enough to comfortably contribute, you may choose to contribute for your own costs and towards costs for another participant.
– If you are moderately well off or comfortable, you may choose to cover your own costs.
– If you are struggling with finances, please do not let money be a deciding factor for your attendance, and contribute what you can.

Projected Costs: Details

Please read below to see what the costs of hosting this event are, and check with yourself what is doable for you to contribute.

Our total projected costs for holding this event are Rs. 6,83,580.

This sum covers the following:

  1. Hall costs at the venue
  2. Food and accommodation (costs vary according to room preferences) for seven nights for participants
  3. Accommodation and travel costs for trainers and organisers
  4. Printing and miscellaneous costs
  5. Honoraria for trainers and organisers
  6. Business visas for both trainers
  7. Local tax and processing costs

We expect between 30 and 40 participants. That means the actual cost is between Rs. 21000 and Rs. 24500 per participant.

Accommodation Details
Below are the details of accommodation at Deer Park, Bir for your understanding (the costs have been presented to you cumulatively above). Please note that there are limited single rooms and rooms with attached toilets, so do book soon and in advance!

– 7 Single Rooms (7 Beds) with Attached Washroom @ Rs. 600 per night
– 8 Double Rooms (16 Beds) with Attached Washrooms @ Rs. 600 for single, occupancy, and Rs. 700 for double occupancy per night
– 11 Shared Double Rooms (22 Beds) with Common (Shared) Washroom @ Rs. 300 per person per night
– 4 Dormitories (21 beds) @ Rs. 100 per night

Simple vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at Rs. 100 per meal and tea-and-snacks at Rs. 50 per day: Total Rs. 350 per person per day

Please do get in touch with us if you need more information or want to talk it over, or understand this better!
Annie (+91-991 1083785)
Manasi (+91-7011352079)

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