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Norfolk, UK: NVC Dance Floor 5-Day Festival

NVC Dance Floor practice
NVC Dance Floor practice

Come and join us for five days of Dance Floors, camping at the Rainbow Mill in North Norfolk (B&B option also available). With Gina Lawrie (co-creator of the NVC Dance Floors) and Shantigarbha (author of a forthcoming book on empathy).

‘The NVC Dance Floors’ is a method for learning, practicing and teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC), co-created by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie. The Dance Floors are spatial maps made up of large cards that place NVC processes on the floor in various layouts called ‘dances’. Each card represents a step in a dance of communication. These steps can be used in any sequence to support authentic, flowing, conscious communication. People learning NVC walk through the steps, often with coaching from a trainer, or support from people in their practice group.

For more information about the NVC Dance Floors, visit NvcDanceFloors.com or see at the end of this post.

Training fees:
We want to make this Festival accessible to as many people with different financial resources as possible, whilst supporting ourselves to continue sharing this work. In order to do this, we propose that you choose your own fee from the range of £450 – £250.

Suggested guideline for choosing a fee:
– Lower end for those struggling to pay the rent.
– Upper end for those regularly eating out well and/or paid for by your employer.
When you book, please say the amount you are offering to pay. If you are unsure how to decide, feel free to get in touch with us.

Accommodation fee:
We ask that you pay this directly to Des, owner and manager of the Rainbow Mill.
Camping (including breakfast and lunch, firewood and showers): £95.00
Individual room at ‘The Forge’ (five mins. walk away), including breakfast and lunch: £160.00.

Start and end times
Start: we invite you to arrive between 5 and 6pm on July 6th, to settle into accommodation, pitch tents etc. We will offer an evening meal at 6.30pm on this evening only (see Food below).
End: we intend to end at 1pm on July 11th, with optional lunch afterwards.
If you are going to find it difficult to attend all five days, to support a sense of cohesion in the group, we ask that you come for a minimum of three days. Would you be willing to do this?

Accommodation fees for both camping and B&B include breakfast and lunch. We ask you to be responsible for buying and cooking your evening meals. We invite you to join a circle of tents and to cook together over an open fire. We will supply an evening meal at 6.30pm on the first evening.

NVC Summer Camp at the Rainbow Mill
The Rainbow Mill

The Venue:
The camp is in the land around an old Windmill. The sails have gone, the brick tower can be seen as you approach, it is in an isolated location away from the village of East Ruston on the east side. The site is about 45 mins. travel from Norwich.

Address: The Mill, Mill Lane, Mill Lane, East Ruston, Norfolk NR12 9HR,

Further Information and Booking:
Contact Helena Holrick at: admin@ginalawrie.co.uk For more information about the NVC Dance Floors, visit NvcDanceFloors.com

About the trainers
Gina Lawrie: Based in Surrey, UK, Gina works with NVC worldwide. She introduced NVC in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and has supported the developing teams in those countries. Gina has been a certified trainer since 1997, has been a trainer at several IITs, and is one of the assessors for trainer certification with CNVC. She is an associate trainer with the NVC Training Institute. Gina has a background in psychology, social work and management development. She has been working as an organization development consultant for over 20 years supporting individuals, managers and organizations to bring about cultural and behavioural change.
Visit Gina’s website at ginalawrie.co.uk

Shantigarbha (Chris Warren): is an international NVC trainer certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC.org). He leads workshops and retreats in the UK, continental Europe, the USA, India, and Sri Lanka, where he’s running a reconciliation project after the civil war there. He writes on NVC for two UK magazines and has appeared on Sri Lankan television.
He’s the author of a forthcoming book on Buddhism and empathy. Visit Shantigarbha’s website at seedofpeace.org

More about the NVC Dance Floors
There are seven ‘dances’ and a handbook. Each dance is designed to develop awareness and skills in a particular area of NVC. Three are ‘Inner-Outer Dances’ for role-playing a dialogue. Four are ‘Inner Dances’ for transformational inner processes.

The ‘Inner-Outer Dances’ support three stages people go through in learning and practising NVC skills, while holding the intention of NVC. They are called:- Stage 1: 13 Steps, Stage 2: Integration and Connection, Stage 3: Fluency.

The Inner Dances support: experiencing deep connection with life, and with resourceful creativity, through self-empathy (The Self Empathy Dance); transforming anger, guilt, shame and depression (The Anger Dance); achieving inner peace in relation to something we regret having said or done (The Educator/Chooser Dance); making decisions when we are torn about which option to choose (The Yes/No Dance).