Coming with children?

We use the words ‘child’ and ‘children’ here for convenience to mean (in the recognised legal meaning) anyone under 18. We often find that these words can be used as labels and subconsciously encourages ‘adult’ people to think of the littler people as if they had different needs to others. We invite you (and ourselves) to hold the label lightly.

Children around the campfire at Summerfest 2014


Will there be activities organised specifically with children in mind?
Yes! We will have two Kids Area coordinators plus a team of volunteers dedicating time each day to organising activities that will appeal to children. They will aim to keep the age group of the children coming in mind when deciding what activities to create. Therefore it is not till much nearer the camp that they will decide what these will be.
Their aim is to offer one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. That said, we are not legally able to offer this as a ‘drop off’, space so you (or someone who agrees to be the responsible adult) needs to be with your child/ren at all times.

Will parents be able to drop off their child/ren at activities that are organised with children in mind so that they are free to participate in adult-only workshops?
The short answer to this is no. We do not have the funds available to cover legal, health and safety requirements to be able to offer this. That said, this is an NVC camp and we hope and trust that parents and non-parents will support each other so that parents (single parents with young children in particular) will get opportunities to attend some workshops.
Some workshops aimed at adults will be suitable for children to attend (see question below).

I am coming with young children and am worried that I will spend my whole time looking after my child/ren and not get the NVC learning I am wanting. Do you have any plans to support people like me?
We have thought quite a bit about this as we so want this to be a satisfying and enjoyable learning experience for all.
We have thought that, as well as having two coordinators creating child-friendly activities we will encourage people with NVC experience to take time joining in those activities. Their main aim being to support parents’ learning and to deal with any live issues that come up in new creative ways. Working ‘live’ in this way can often provide the best kind of learning!
We may have other ideas in time of how to support you whilst also taking care of the fuller needs of the camp. Do let us know if you have creative (and cost-free!) ideas of how the camp could support you.

What about workshops aimed for adults… will children be able to sit in on the workshop provided they are either old enough to participate or willing to sit quietly in the tent with their own activities?
We found last year that some of the workshops people offered were suitable for children to attend and some were requested as adult-only spaces (for example workshops with a healing focus or topics that were not suitable for a younger age group).

Is this camp suitable for teenagers?
Yes, we encourage people of all ages to attend. Please contact us to discuss your children’s particular needs.

Will there be simple child-friendly food available?
Mahesh (our head chef) has plenty of experience of cooking for all ages. All the food will be vegetarian. Generally we have learned that children like simple foods. Foods like this will be available although we can’t promise to cater for children who are particularly limited in what they will eat. Please bring along any supplementary foods you know your child will like so that they don’t go hungry.

Are their any safety hazards we need to be aware of?
Yes! The swimming lake is unfenced. There will also be other natural hazards such as an open fire, ringed by benches. We ask that adults coming with children take full responsibility for ensuring their safety at all times.