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Summerfest 2018 Fees

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We are offering this event on a sliding scale inspired by Gift Culture. When you register, for transparency, we will send you our budget, so you can see where the money is being spent. These ticket prices exclude food: please see below for meal package prices.

Kick your worries into the long grass at the Summerfest
  • Adults: we ask for a range from £125 – £200, excluding food.
  • Children aged 16 and under get in free!!!

Guidelines for choosing your fee

  • Choose the lowest figure (£125) if you are on benefits and/or regularly struggling to pay the rent.
  • Choose the highest figure (£200) if you are regularly eating out well and/or paid for by your employer, and/or want to support others with fewer financial resources to attend this workshop and/or want to support Seed of Peace spread NVC in areas of the world where there are fewer financial resources.
  • Choose a figure in the middle (£160), if you are in between.

When you book, please indicate the amount you are willing to pay on the booking form. If you are unsure how to decide, please get in touch with us.

Camping a challenge for you?
We have a glamping option: 10 Unidome pods are available for those who relish a little more comfort. The domes come equipped with beds, bedding and mattresses. Unidomes are £200.00 for the week, bookable on a first come, first served basis.

Meal packages
A vegetarian meal package can be bought at time of booking. This will include: an evening meal on Tuesday 1 August; breakfast, lunch and dinner each, full day; breakfast and lunch on the last day (Sunday 6 August). The meal package includes hot drink refreshments.

  • 12-and-over meal package: £75
  • Under-12s meal package: £45

Catering for yourself
You could also choose to cater for yourself. Bring your own camping stoves and cooking equipment.