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Summerfest Booking Form

Welcome to the NVC Summerfest, 1-6th August 2017! This form can be used for individuals, group or family bookings. Please read the Fees Page and Booking Conditions before filling out this booking form. We welcome comments or questions. Love and life, Shantigarbha and Gesine

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If you are booking for a group, please put the name of the booking person.

We will use this to keep you informed about the Summerfest. If you don't have one please mark 'N/A'.

Please include your town and postcode if you are in the UK.

Please put your main contact number here (if you only have a mobile number put it in this box).

Mark 'N/A' if you don't have a mobile number. We would only be likely to use this if trying to contact you and needing a quick reply.

If you are a party of more than 4 adults, please book using two or more booking forms.

Please mark N/A if not applicable.

If you have more than four 16-and-unders in your group please tell us in the 'Anything else you want us to know' box at the end.

Mark as 'N/A' if this doesn't apply to you.

The meal packages will give you a vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. They can cater for dairy and wheat free diets but if you need something more than this we suggest you do your own catering.

Please write here the total you are intending to pay. Remember to include glamping option (if selected) and meal packages.

Payment details are on the booking page of the website. We prefer people to pay by bank transfer as this is the most cost effective and easy way for us. It would help us keep track of payments connected with forms if you would you make your payment (or commit to sending your cheque) on the same day as submitting your form. Thank you.

This will help us identify the payment when it comes in.

Although we would like knowing this about all your group, please just reply for the adults.