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Watch my talk: ‘Empathy: what, why and how?’

Hi all,

I’ve recently finished my book on empathy ‘Empathy: the art of compassionate presence’ and I’m currently negotiating with a US publisher. In the meantime, over the summer I was keen to get on the road and share what I’d learned in writing it. So I gave a talk in several locations called ‘Empathy: what, why  and how?’

“Empathy is a compassionate understanding of another’s experience. It’s the basis of ethics and compassion. We develop it by expanding our ‘natural’ empathy through practise.”

Here’s a video of the talk at Buddhafield. It’s in a Buddhist context, so I’m wearing my ‘kesa’ (white ribbon around my neck), which symbolizes my commitment to the ideals of Buddhism.

Love and life, Shantigarbha

2 thoughts on “Watch my talk: ‘Empathy: what, why and how?’

  1. Good to see you again, Shanti 🙂 “Empathy is a choice. It’s not the only way to be compassionate.” Very interesting to know it was the piece you were missing. I’m starting to think it’s the piece I’m missing too!

  2. Hi Shantigarbha! Enjoyed your talk in this video. Hope you’ll be able to post more of these! Also enjoying your blog, and always happy to hear about the terrific work you’re involved in. Cheers! Z.

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