Online course: Restorative Circles

Conflict is a natural part of life, like eating and sleeping. We have designated places for eating and sleeping. Why don't have a dedicated places for conflict? Restorative Circles is a community dialogue process developed by Dominic Barter and associates in the slums of Brazil. More on Restorative Circles. Learning objectives Be able to describe the difference between restorative and pun...
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NVC Summerfest 2020

NVC Summerfest 2018
An intimate, family-oriented festival with Nonviolent Communication as a core value. Supporting you to develop tools for resolving conflict in your family and community: let’s create a world where everyone’s needs matter. Tuesday 4 August – Sunday 9 August 2020 Booking for Summerfest 2020 is coming in late September 2019. We invite you to check back then, or sign up to our mailing list (right-ha...
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