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Completing the stress cycle

A while ago I was at a Bristol lake and a guy told me that his job was stressful. He said that he went for a swim after work every day throughout the year. I was impressed and I understood what he was talking about. I enjoyed the freshness of the cold water and felt satisfied and relaxed after the vigorous movement. What I didn't understand at the time was the importance of this experience – the ...
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Conflict in the workplace

Last year I experienced intense conflict with two people in different working areas. I got through this conflict - with support – but not in the way you might expect. It was a painful experience as well as a steep learning curve for me. I came to understand that resolving a conflict can mean that the parties restore trust and connection or not. People bring willingness, time and energy...
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Why NVC ​works

  ​​​​Recently I saw a post on social media giving '5 reasons your relationship might not be saved with NVC'. I also remember that a participant told me that she was listening for two hours to her sister. Afterwards she felt exhausted and disconnected. Her efforts didn't seem to bear fruit. Does this mean Nonviolent Communication (NVC) doesn't work? I understand the questio...
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