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protestor holding a black lives matter sign
We live in Bristol, UK. Recent events have prompted us to learn more about the city's history. Ships from Bristol transported enslaved Africans to the Americas in the 18th Century. In response to George Floyd's death in the USA there was a Black Lives Matter protest in the city centre. Protestors pulled down a statue of Edward Colston, who made his wealth from the slave trade. As a symbolic act,...
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Scheduling time to do… nothing!

A week ago I came back from six days visiting friends and family in Germany. There were two days of manic preparation, then I was off to lead a three-day residential workshop. Two days after our return from the workshop, we drove to Cornwall for some carefree time. When I had planned this carefree period, I was aware that things might be tight, however, I was not fully aware of the impact. The re...
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