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Christmas Spirit: Resilience in the Pandemic

Christmas pine trees
How can we build a resilient Christmas spirit after a tough year? I have a close friend who is very creative. As Christmas approaches, she tells me that she feels anxious and depressed. She can only see what she's lost – a regular income, meeting friends, inspiration, and travel. These are the things that gave her a sense of richness and freedom of choice. I try to support her to mourn and con...
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Self-Empathy: A Life-Changing Bodily Experience!

person dancing
In Nonviolent Communication, a fundamental part of what's known as The NVC Tree of Compassionate Connection is 'Self-Empathy'. Self-Empathy is something we teach on our Online: Six-week, NVC Level 1 Course. What can seem like a simple process theoretically can be very unfamiliar with a lot of people. It's a great skill to practice daily. So what can you expect from adopting the practise of self-e...
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