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Scheduling time to do… nothing!

A week ago I came back from six days visiting friends and family in Germany. There were two days of manic preparation, then I was off to lead a three-day residential workshop. Two days after our return from the workshop, we drove to Cornwall for some carefree time. When I had planned this carefree period, I was aware that things might be tight, however, I was not fully aware of the impact. The re...
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Are you sometimes afraid to speak your truth?

There have been moments in my life when I wanted to speak from my heart authentically and – if possible – also to take care for the connection. However, I didn’t know how to do this because I felt emotionally trapped. I chose to stay quiet to avoid conflict. I felt afraid of speaking “my truth”, because there was an inner voice that told me, it’s not safe to say what’s alive in me. If I kept quie...
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