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A New Year’s ritual at a Buddhist retreat

We started at 8pm with a procession to the shrine room, chanting a mantra to the sound of a drum, rhythmical but not loud, as if we wanted to keep the sound for ourselves and give it a mythical air. Incense welcomed us at the door of the shrine room. Once sat down, we performed a ceremony to honour the Buddha, with poems, meditation and offerings. During the offerings, each of us put a piece...
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The Age of the Gift Draws Nigh

At the end of each module of this year's NVC Year Training, we've gone through a ritual that is new and unfamiliar to the participants. We transparently share our expenses, income and hopes for sustainability with the participants. We invite the participants to consider what value they put on what they have learned on the module - if resources were no obstacle, what would you give? Then we invite...
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