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Israel/Gaza: an NVC perspective

  I haven’t been able to respond to the current round of hostilities between Israel and Gaza. Like others, I’ve been struck numb by heartbreak. So firstly I want to acknowledge a profound sense of horror at the renewal or mass murder as a way of dealing with conflict. I want to acknowledge the immeasurable suffering that this stimulates, both now and in the future, as violence reverberate...
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Empathy for couples: a sixth love language?

During the Pandemic, Gesine and I started seeing couples for mediation on Zoom. Joe and Mindy were living in Los Angeles and working in the film and television business. Despite being in their late thirties, neither one had held down a relationship for longer than a few years. They couldn't understand why it was so painful being together. Why were they were having the time of their lives ...
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Parenting: an alternative to punishment and reward

A constant power struggle What do you want for yourself and your children? When we ask this question in our parenting workshops, we always hear the same answers: respect, care, cooperation and responsibility. Sadly, the picture we get from people talking about their daily parenting lives is different. We hear of parents in conflict with their children around everyday activities. Whethe...
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