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Corporate Away Days

Are you looking to regroup as a team away from the hustle and bustle of every day; learn some new skills that are vital for your organisation; or work through differences of view that may have been holding you back? We can facilitate the meeting for you, so that you and your team can fully immerse yourselves in the content rather than worry about running the meeting. Facilitated sessions have a different tone and feel to normal meetings. There’s space for deeper consideration and more exploratory conversations.

For more information, download this PDF: Introducing Seed of Peace CIC.

Shantigarbha from Seed of Peace has worked with our organisation to provide tailored training for staff at all levels in order to improve communication skills for staff. The training has focussed on dealing with conflict and difficult situations and has emphasised the real need to address conflict in the moment. He has taught some practical tools to help with some real day to day issues that arise and also the more knottier problems that can occur between staff and our service users. The training has been well received and I would not hesitate to recommend Shantigarbha to those who would look to develop their staff in this area.

Frank Burge
Head of Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals Integrated Urgent Care. BrisDoc 

Away Day themes

  • Compassionate Communication
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • The art of challenging conversations
  • Dealing with difficult customers/patients
  • Values-based feedback
  • Establishing a restorative culture
  • Effective team-working
  • Consent decision-making for organisations
  • Mindful Communication
  • Empathic listening skills

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Shantigarbha and Gesine Schrader, CNVC-certified Trainers. Shantigarbha has been sharing Nonviolent Communication with organisations and businesses since 2004. Gesine’s background is in Early-Years education – she is a Montessori-trained teacher. About us.


As someone who has both delivered and attended lots of training workshops, I appreciate your authenticity and presence very much.

Brian Durkin, Quarto Consulting.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shantigarbha Warren for several years. As Director of Program Services, working with adults with developmental disabilities (for 37 years) and supervising many of our staff, I wanted to improve my communication skills both professionally and personally. Shantigarbha was an empathic and intuitive workshop facilitator; direct but gentle and extremely understanding and supportive. He is a person passionate about what he does, wants to share that with others, and has the skills to do so. I found Shantigarbha Warren to be thoughtful, humorous, well-prepared and welcoming to all of us. He managed to engage all of the participants, put them at ease, and he empowered each individual to reach his/her stated goal. I enjoyed all of the groups I participated in and continue to use the skills I learned from him in my daily life.

Ruth Carney, Director of Program Services, Great Bay Services, Portsmouth, NH.

Shantigarbha’s respectful attitude, empathy, mindfulness and patience in group settings create an opportunity for people to experience being heard and understood by others. His kind, calm and peaceful presence helps people share openly and honestly. He is a skilled facilitator and assists all group members to express themselves and listen thoughtfully to others.

Dharmacharini Dayalocana, Chair of Aryaloka Buddhist Center, New Hampshire, and clinical social worker.

I have grown to deeply appreciate the capacity to embody empathy and mindfulness that Shantigarbha exhibits when facilitating NVC trainings. His ability to hear from his heart creates a safe space for those attending to open to their own pain and suffering. Once they are open, he gently guides them to a place of deep personal awareness that allow for healing and personal growth.

Gerry Griffith, Chaplain at Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and Trainer for the National Organization for Victim Assistance.

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