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Completing the stress cycle

A while ago I was at a Bristol lake and a guy told me that his job was stressful. He said that he went for a swim after work every day throughout the year. I was impressed and I understood what he was talking about. I enjoyed the freshness of the cold water and felt satisfied and relaxed after the vigorous movement. What I didn't understand at the time was the importance of this experience – the ...
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Conflict in the workplace

Last year I experienced intense conflict with two people in different working areas. I got through this conflict - with support – but not in the way you might expect. It was a painful experience as well as a steep learning curve for me. I came to understand that resolving a conflict can mean that the parties restore trust and connection or not. People bring willingness, time and energy...
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Israel/Gaza: an NVC perspective

  I haven’t been able to respond to the current round of hostilities between Israel and Gaza. Like others, I’ve been struck numb by heartbreak. So firstly I want to acknowledge a profound sense of horror at the renewal or mass murder as a way of dealing with conflict. I want to acknowledge the immeasurable suffering that this stimulates, both now and in the future, as violence reverberate...
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