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Loneliness in Lockdown

For some people Lockdown has meant a lack of physical contact and closeness. Of course touch is an important physical need for most people, and lack of physical contact usually implies a lack of touch. However, Jung's insight into loneliness, expressed in the quotation above, suggests that loneliness comes from a deeper level than having people around you or not. Perhaps we can make a di...
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Is there life on Zoom? Lockdown reflections

Photo: Sandie Clarke on Unsplash How are you doing under lockdown? Are you furloughed or working from home? Or are you an essential worker, going out each day to keep the infrastructure going? I guess that we're all scared, to varying degrees. Some of us, like my mother and sister, are in high-risk groups. They just want to keep their lives. Others, like myself and my partner, don't see ou...
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