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Gift Culture: a new approach to fees

We, the trainers and staff at Seed of Peace CIC, joyfully offer our events to support the growth of compassion in the world. Inspired by the spirit of gift culture, we encourage your sense of choice and responsibility in deciding how much to contribute financially.

What would you be willing to joyfully contribute? We invite you to contribute what you would consider, in some measure, the value you will receive through your participation as well as what is economically viable for you.

We trust you to contribute an amount that enables you to participate joyfully.

What is Gift Culture?

For the past few years, we’ve been experimenting with Gift Culture for various events in the UK and India. We’ve found that this approach has generated energy and growth in the community. For more information and inspiration, you could watch this video:

We appreciate that this may be a new concept for some. Please get in touch if you need more information or want to talk it over.

For some events we suggest a recommended donation. If you choose to give more than this amount, you will be making it possible for someone with less financial resources to come as well.

Your presence is important to us and a gift regardless of how much you contribute. We are open to supporting anyone for whom finances would be an obstacle to attending our events. For us, the value lies in your participation and presence, and in building a strong, broad-based community.

We trust that together we will find a balance between our courage and joy in bringing to life our vision, as well as our need to be financially sustainable. By doing so, we foster a special energy that exists when we share gifts in community.