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About the Team

Shantigarbha and Gesine want to share with you the life-changing communication skills that they learned from Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). They work with a wider team of trainers and contributors.


Founder, Co-Director and Certified NVC Trainer

Shantigarbha NVC trainer

Shantigarbha is an international NVC trainer, certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. He has taught on International Intensive Trainings (IITs) and coordinated the New Future Process’s Social Change and Peacemaking working group.

In 1996 he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. He was given the name Shantigarbha, which means “seed of peace”, hence the name of our organization. He currently serves on the Triratna International Council,  is Secretary of the Triratna Trust (the Order charity), and coordinates the Triratna Restorative Pilot Project.

Shantigarbha has led NVC workshops and retreats in the UK, the Middle East, the US, India and Sri Lanka and offers coaching / counselling for individuals and couples. In 2011 he ran a reconciliation retreat for 100 Israelis and Palestinians near the Dead Sea. He’s author of a book on empathy: I’ll Meet You There and The Burning House: A Buddhist response to the climate and ecological emergency. He says:

“Communication can change the world. I want to connect with people, to create a safe learning environment, to have fun, to mourn and celebrate!”

Why I do what I do: read an interview with Shantigarbha from Bristol’s Spark Magazine.

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Gesine Schrader

Co-Director and Certified NVC Trainer

Gesine Schrader NVC trainer

Gesine is a CNVC-certified trainer and a Montessori-certified teacher, living in Bristol, UK. For the past eight years she has been facilitating NVC events with and without Shantigarbha in the UK, India, USA and Germany. Gesine is passionate about her work and how it encourages self development, conflict resolution and community building. She is actively involved in different kinds of NVC projects, for example supporting a home school and a Community Orchard in Bristol, offering Nonviolent Clowning in cooperation with Holly Stoppit (Clown therapy) and Embodied NVC in cooperation with Filip Kijowski (Dance choreographer). When she is not working, Gesine enjoys being out in nature whether that is going for walks, wild swims or doing projects in the garden.

Gesine says: “I really love to be connected with like-minded people – here and globally – and co-create a world where everyone’s needs matter. It’s so enriching and diverse.”