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Bristol: Nonviolent Clowning weekend – NEW!!!

Bristol: Nonviolent Clowning weekend – NEW!!!

Nonviolent Clowning  – Find your authentic self through play and clowning.

Using clowning and NVC to come to a place of:

Being authentic

Being seen

Being playful

Building resilience

Connection with self

Connection with others

Seed of Peace is delighted to be collaborating with Holly Stoppit from Holly Stoppit Clowning Workshop to offer this one-off intermediate training for anyone who has completed our NVC Level One Training or equivalent. No clowning experience is necessary.

Holly says: “The clown lives in direct, open communication with their audience. Clown is not a character you put on, it’s a gentle stripping back to a state of child-like wonderment, where pleasure, playfulness and exploration rule. Your clown is the most curious, spontaneous and authentic part of you.”

Can your clown lead you into deeper connection with yourself and other people? 

This experiential weekend draws on teachings from both Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and clowning, to help you explore the tools and techniques that foster compassionate connection, both on stage and in life.

About this weekend course

Course aims

  • Practice self-empathy, empathy for others and self-expression through cerebral investigation and body-based learning as we dance between NVC and clowning.
  • Explore what it feels like to put judgement to one side and develop the confidence to follow your impulses, turn up your curiosity, play more and connect deeply and authentically with yourself and others.
  • Discover how embracing and sharing your vulnerability through your clown can open up a quality of connection to yourself and others
  • Explore how physicality and breath can liberate emotions both in yourself and in others.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to do a self-empathy (self-connection) process.
  • Become aware when you are using Jackal language (life alienating) and how to switch to Giraffe language (life connecting).
  • Be able to recognise when you are disconnected and how to reconnect with yourself and others.
  • Be able to hear a No and receive it as a gift.
  • Discover how to shift from a paradigm of demands, rewards and consequences – to a paradigm of play, self-responsibility, connection, trust, mutual support and interdependence.
  • Practice effective communication skills in a playful and supportive environment.

About the Trainers

Holly Stoppit has been teaching clowning to adults from all walks of life for the past 14 years. Through her teaching, Holly brings together elements of her vast and colourful performance background, her training as a dramatherapist and years of sitting on a meditation cushion. Holly delights in creating safe and non-judgemental environments full of invitations for clowns to come out to play. She is a Bristol-based facilitator, performance skills teacher, theatre director and dramatherapist. Find out more about Holly.

Gesine Schrader is originally from a Montessori teaching background and certified as a NVC facilitator with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has facilitated NVC events internationally through her company, Seed of Peace. Find out more about Gesine.

About the collaboration between Seed of Peace and Holly Stoppit Workshops

Holly has been training in NVC with Seed of Peace for the last few years and Gesine attended Holly’s Introduction To Clowning last year. This weekend workshop is the second experimental collaboration between Seed of Peace and Holly Stoppit Workshops. Here’s some feedback from their first workshop, which was designed for Holly’s clown graduates:

“A full and rich experience, connecting with hearts”

“An incredibly safe and held space to stretch out the edges of yourself and realise that there are kind humans waiting to catch you if you fall.”

“An exercise in opening not just your mind but also your heart and your ears. Learning to express yourself, and your needs, and truly listen to others and their needs. A weekend of opening yourself up to yourself and others, and finding genuine freedom and connection.“

This second weekend is designed for people with at least a Level One (Foundation Training) in NVC. No clowning experience is necessary.


We recommend these resources as a refresher for coming back to NVC.

You can get a little taste of Holly’s style of teaching and clowning in her BBC interview.

When and where

Date: Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October, 2020. 10am – 6pm both days.
Venue: St Werburgh’s Primary School – Silver Birch Annexe, Mogg Street, St Werburgh’s, Bristol, BS2 9UB.


Training fees and deadline for registration

The deadline for registration to this workshop is: Friday, 9 October 2020.

We want to make this work as accessible as possible while making it sustainable in the UK and abroad. To this end, we have a sliding scale of £120 — £350.

Guideline for choosing your fee

  • Choose the lowest figure if you are on benefits and/or regularly struggling to pay the rent.
  • Choose the highest figure if you are regularly eating out well and/or paid for by your employer, and/or want to support others with fewer financial resources to attend this workshop and/or want to support Seed of Peace spread NVC in areas of the world where there are fewer financial resources.
  • Choose a figure in the middle e.g. £235, if you are in between.

When you book, you will see different options how much to pay, please click the amount you are offering to pay.

Registration and paying your deposit

Fill in the online registration form (form takes up to 10 seconds to load) and for further information please email Gesine or phone her on 07840 056 289.