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Bath, Somerset: NVC Community Camp, South West – in person

Bath, Somerset: NVC Community Camp, South West – in person

Who is this camp for?

We welcome everyone who wants to explore the principles of NVC and supports the purpose of the camp, which is to create a space for learning NVC within a community setting. The camp is supported by NVC certified trainers Shantigarbha and Gesine Schrader (About Us), and Rik Midgley

Given that we learn in different ways and respond to different teaching styles, what strategies best suit your learning?

  • absorbing the environment
  • informal conversation
  • specific workshops
  • working with live issues
  • being part of group process (e.g. community circles)

This camp welcomes NVC beginners (there will be a introductory sessions), and more NVC advanced folk. On the booking form we will ask you to commit to coming to learn NVC within a community setting.

Arrival and departure

Arrival day: Tuesday 25th July from 10am. Opening circle 7pm.
Closing circle: Monday 31st July, 7pm.
Packing & Departure day: Tuesday 1st August before 5pm.

Daily programme

  • Community circles morning and evening, facilitated by certified NVC trainers.
  • NVC sessions held by three certified trainers and others with NVC experience.
  • Daily Empathy Home Groups.
  • Other workshop sessions and leisure activities.
  • Activities for children: in previous years these have included arts and crafts, body art, storytelling and adventures for children.
  • On the booking form we we ask if you want to offer an activity/session.

Sliding scale

To make this camp accessible to people of different financial resources, we propose a sliding scale of £165 – £800 at booking and a Gift Culture conversation towards the end of the camp. During this conversation we will explain the sliding scale and, in the event that we haven’t met our budget, make an appeal for further contributions.

A recreational drug- and alcohol-free space

At this camp we want to create space for a different kind of experience, one of genuine connection and joy. We want to model this kind of life for our children. We also want to provide space to explore more challenging concepts and emotions such as grief and global issues. Can you go with this?


To support ease with food in tents, hygiene, barking and young children, we would prefer participants to leave their dogs at home. If you bring your dog, we request that you keep your dog on lead while it’s in the River Meadow and pick and clean up their poo. At the start of the camp we’ll have a community conversation about dogs. Can you go with this?


We will be located at Radford Mill organic farm near Timsbury. Camping ⛺️ in nature 🌳 with plenty of compost toilets, hot wood-fired showers, firepit and stream for water play 💦 and cooling off. There will be undercover workshop spaces. Venue address:

Radford Mill Farm,
Mill Lane,
Radford (near Timsbury),
BA2 0QF.


  • Lunch: voluntary community picnic around the campfire.
  • Evening meal: voluntary community fire-cooked meal. If you want to participate in this meal, we invite you to sign up on a rota to be part of a team preparing the meal on one or more days.

Booking and payment

We invite you to fill in the online booking form (please note that this event is not being booked via Seed of Peace). Please ask each adult to fill in a separate booking form, as it contains camp agreements. Payment details are in the booking form.

Join our dedicated Facebook group and click ‘Going’ on the event for updates and group chat.

Come along and join us!

The Camp Core Team: Shantigarbha, Gesine, Rik, Sarah-Jane, Angela, Craig, Shelley, Jess and Anette