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NVC Summerfest Lite

NVC Summerfest Lite

It’s difficult to see in advance how long the lockdown will take or what kind of restrictions we can expect in the future. We’re watching the most up-to-date UK Government guidance. We imagine that you might have mixed feelings about it and an underlying anxiety of the unknown.

With the intention to take care of your health and safety as well as to support the NHS by slowing down the spread of the virus, we (the Summerfest organiser team) made the difficult decision to postpone the Summerfest to 2021. It was a difficult decision because we’d love to continue to meet you and experience living NVC with you including camping, bonfire, music, starry sky, laughter, play, fun and Mahesh’s delicious food.

It’s also difficult for us to imagine Summer 2020 without an NVC Summerfest. For this reason we’d like to keep the hope of a Summerfest alive! We have considered our options going forward. And now we’re looking into the possibility of offering a smaller Summerfest community camp on the same dates, in case the lockdown eases nearer the time.

Summerfest Lite

At the moment we are exploring the possibility of scaling down the Summerfest and hosting a smaller event with a minimum of 50 campers. We want to reduce the numbers because we want to keep the event easy and simple for all of us. And we have wonderful news: Mahesh has flexibility and he is willing to do the catering for the community. Yeahh!

We’ll keep you posted here as more details emerge.

If the camp cannot go ahead or/and you have already booked and you no longer feel able to participate, we are willing to offer a refund in full for your booking. Alternatively, we can offer you a voucher for the full amount with an added extra 20% in value. This can be used for any future Seed of Peace events, including next year’s Summerfest.  (See full programme of events).

Lockdown in August – what do we do?

If we are still on lock down, we plan to offer a one-day online Summerfest Gathering to keep the connection. We have already hosted a number of online NVC courses via the conference platform called Zoom. Of course it is not the same as camping, having fun and bonfires and seeing each other live. At the same time it is a way to stay connected, safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the full update, visit the Summerfest pages.

What the Summerfest is about

An intimate, family-oriented festival with Nonviolent Communication as a core value. Supporting you to develop tools for resolving conflict in your family and community: let’s create a world where everyone’s needs matter.

Tuesday 4 August – Sunday 9 August 2020

See the festival programme for an outline of how we make NVC the fabric of our event!