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NVC Summerfest Lite

NVC Summerfest Lite


In view of the uncertainty of the situation and different attitudes towards social distancing, with sadness, we at Seed of Peace are unwilling to take legal responsibility for organising an event in August 2020. So we’re cancelling the Summerfest Lite.

If you’ve booked for the Summerfest or the Summerfest Lite, we are willing to offer a refund in full for your booking. Alternatively, we can offer you a voucher for the full amount with an added extra 20% in value. This can be used for any future Seed of Peace events, including next year’s Summerfest.  (See full programme of events).

Some of us still want to camp together on 4–9 August. If you’re willing to take responsibility for you/your family’s social distancing, we invite you to join us on the same dates for a self-catering NVC camping space at Radford Mill, near Bath. Please note that this is not a Seed of Peace-organised event. Text Gesine on +44 (0) 7840 056 289 to check availability of pitches.