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Online: 6-week, Restorative Circles Level Two Course for Triratna Order Members

Online: 6-week, Restorative Circles Level Two Course for Triratna Order Members

You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

This Restorative Circles Level Two course is for Triratna Order Members who have completed a Restorative Circles Level One course with us.

Learning objectives

  • Confidence in using the skills that you learned on your RC Level One course.
  • Get comfortable with tracking meaning in a dialogue and making sure that it’s received.
  • Get comfortable with adding meaning and depth to the dialogue.
  • Care for yourself and your resources as a host.
  • Learn how to prepare the ground for a restorative system by asking restorative system building questions: why, what, how, when, who, and where?
  • Confidence in designing a restorative system for your sangha/community.

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When and where

Six Tuesday evenings: 31 October; (skip 7 November), 14, 21, 28 November; 5 & 12 December, 19:00 – 21:15 UK time.

This is an online course. We will invite you to six online calls, using a platform called Zoom — instructions to follow. Zoom allows us to break out into ‘rooms’ for smaller group and couples work.

Who is this course for?

To keep our focus on practising hosting skills and reflecting deeply on the principles of restorative sytems building, we are only inviting OMs who have already done our Restorative Circles Level One course. The learning will include hosting semi-simulated circles, with coaching. We ask that you agree to attend at least five of the six sessions. If you are going to miss more than one session, we ask that you book on a later cycle. In order to create a safe space for sharing, we will only be sharing recordings of the sessions with attendees on the course if they are unable to attend for a week. I.e. there isn’t a ‘watch only’ option. To give attention to each person on the course, we are limiting the total number of participants to 20.

About the trainer

Shantigarbha has been a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer since 2004 and has led reconciliation events in Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka and Nepal. He trained in Restorative Circles with Dominic Barter and Sabine Geiger. He is a founding member of the Triratna Buddhist Community Restorative Working Group. He says, “Restorative Circles has given me a deeper understanding of how conflict emerges within community, and the role of community in restoring trust, connection and safety.”

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Offering our events on a Dana (Generosity) basis allows us to focus on the sustainability of the Sangha as a whole. More about Gift Culture. We propose a sliding scale as follows. If you find it difficult to imagine attending for financial reasons, there may be funding available from the Restorative Fund – contact us.

  • Unwaged: £60.00
  • Supported: £120.00
  • Waged: £180.00

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