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Online: Connecting with your heart through movement – New!

Online: Connecting with your heart through movement – New!

A one-off day Nonviolent Communication workshop with Filip Kijowski to help us to become more aware and true to ourselves and others through liberating bodily movements.

Filip says: “As facilitator and teacher, I hope to offer open spaces for the public to connect – to dance, talk and share through experiences together – focusing on how togetherness learnt through movement, can build and sustain community. Using the body, improvisation as a base for these findings.”

About the workshop


  • Using teachings from both Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and improvisation, we’ll explore the tools and techniques that foster self-empathy and empathy for others.
  • Practicing self-empathy, empathy for others and self-expression through curiosity and bodily movements as we dance between NVC and Improvisation – we play and connect deeply and authentically with ourselves and others.
  • Exploring how physicality, breath and surprise liberates all types of feelings in ourselves and opens up the possibility to connect with the underlying needs. 
  • Achieving deeper bodily awareness, through a series of games and guided movement explorations. 

Learning objectives

  • Be able to do a self-empathy (self-connection) process.
  • Learn how to connect with your own body in your own space. 
  • Be able to recognise when you are disconnected and how to reconnect with yourself and others.
  • Learn simple ways, how to safely warm-up your own body. 
  • Learn about structures of improvisation dance. 

Group size: 12-18.

About the trainers

Filip Kijowski is an interdisciplinary queer artist working between London and Bangkok. His practice is interested in choreography, improvisation, text and audiences. He has performed solos and facilitated workshops internationally in London, Warsaw, Bangkok, Bangladesh and South Korea. His artistic work focuses on themes about community, identity and freedom caused by oppressions from “Growing up Gay in a straight man’s world”.  

Gesine Schrader is originally from a Montessori teaching background and certified as a NVC facilitator with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has facilitated NVC events internationally through Seed of Peace. Find out more about Gesine.

About the collaboration between Seed of Peace and Filip Kijowski

We met Filip in Bangkok when he joined our NVC workshop 1.5 years ago. Since then we are in regular contact and exchange. Filip became part of our wider team, joined our Summerfest 2019 and facilitated Improvisation Dance sessions which were popular by all ages. From the beginning he was engaged and enthusiastic to learn and practice NVC. He is a natural NVC practitioner and is teaching comes from his heart. People love his gentleness.

Who for?

Open to all people who enjoy movement and personal growth. For dancers needing self empathy theory access. 

When and Where

Saturday, 11 July, on Zoom – we will send the link in the joining instructions.

Duration: 5.5 hrs

Session schedule:

  • Morning, 9:30am-12:00pm (UK time)  
  • Afternoon, 2-4pm (UK time) 
  • Evening, Solo disco – 7-8pm (UK time)

Training fees

  • Early Bird: £55 before June 19th – extended until June 24th
  • Regular price: £75 after June 24th
  • Group booking: more than one person is booking (friend, partner, etc.), each person pays 15% reduction per ticket.

Registration and paying your fee

Fill in the online registration form (form takes up to 10 seconds to load) and for further information please email Gesine or phone her on +44 (0) 7840 056 289.