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India: Ongoing Week-long Training

This is an ongoing cycle of retreats for learning and facilitating Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication. As part of a vision of establishing and spreading NVC across India in a more accessible manner, we are offering these in a seven-day format, to allow for practice and integration.

Level One and Level Two

There will be Level One and Level Two retreats,  led by CNVC certified trainers Shantigarbha and Gesine Schrader.

Level One

This retreat aims to offer skills, tools, and practices for people to deal with relationships at work, in their homes, and in their communities with greater compassion. Once you have completed this retreat as a participant, we will invite you to attend the facilitation track. This could lead to certification as a Nonviolent Communication trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

2020 dates: 25 January (arrive evening) to 1 February (depart after breakfast). Further information.

Level Two

These retreats will deepen the learning of Level One in three key areas:

The structure of the reatreat for each day allows time to discover the content, to revisit and deepen understanding, as well as to look at facilitation elements and the opportunity to facilitate short sequences for those on the facilitation track.

2020 dates: 5 February (arrive evening) to 12 February (depart after breakfast). Further information.

Payment: Gift Culture

In keeping with our intention of offering this opportunity to anyone who may wish to receive it, and to — at the same time — meet our need for sustainability, we intend to offer this course on the principles of gift culture or Giftivism. Gift culture has worked for the NVC community in India in the past. We appreciate that this may be a new concept for some, and are willing to talk it over with anyone who needs support in understanding more.

Further information and booking

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