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India: NVC Training Programme Gift Culture


Our Ongoing Week-long, NVC Training Programme is being offered in the spirit of Gift Culture, or Giftivism. We offer this workshop to you as a gift, and we invite you to check with yourself what you are willing and joyfully able to give in return.

What is Gift Culture or Giftivism?

Some of you may have come across this concept before, especially if you have been to an NVC event in India, while to others this may be a totally new concept. Gift Culture has worked for the NVC community at conventions and previous events. In fact, it has generated energy and growth in the community. For more information and inspiration, you could watch this TEdx talk by Nipun Mehta, one of the resources that inspired us to opt for Gift Culture for these events, particularly the point that “our inner transformation is tied to the outer manifestation… and that’s Giftivism.”

To help us “walk our talk” , we want OWL events:

  • To be open to everyone who can benefit from it regardless of economic resources.
  • To contribute to creating a culture of peace and nonviolence.
  • To be sustainable for ourselves as we do this work now and in the future.
  • To be a meaningful and joyful learning experience for all.

Guidelines for contributions

Gift culture suggests that what is exchanged between people is not transactional, and that everyone has something to contribute. We welcome your contribute in this spirit.
If you′re new to this idea, you might find these guidelines helpful:

  • If you are doing well enough to comfortably contribute, you may choose to contribute for your own costs and towards costs for another participant.
  • If you are moderately well off or comfortable, you may choose to cover your own costs.
  • If you are struggling with finances, please do not let money be a deciding factor for your attendance, and contribute what you can.

Further information

Please do get in touch with us if you need more information or want to talk it over, or understand this better!