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Download: Empathy Archery; graphic training aid (jpeg).
Download: NVC Tree of Compassionate Connection, graphic training aid (jpeg).

Miscellaneous articles

  • NVC general introductory articles All articles written by Shantigarbha, originally appearing in raw food magazine Funky Raw. They have been lightly edited for context.
  • NVC and parenting. These articles originally appeared in natural parenting magazine Juno, and have been lightly edited for context.
  • NVC & Buddhism: heart-to-heart communication
    Shantigarbha’s first contact with NVC and how it connects with his Buddhist practice.
  • Empowering “The Oppressed”
    The practice of “Untouchability” has been outlawed in India since 1949. However, people are still treated differently, particularly in rural areas. Because of the associations of the word “untouchable”, people from these communities have asked not to be called even “ex-Untouchables” but Dalits, which means “The Oppressed”.