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NVC on video

NVC Life Hacks

This is our series of short videos offering readily applicable tips on how to practice NVC in day-to-day life, as featured on NVC Academy. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Five tips for improving communication in partnership


Five tips for recognising where communication is likely to go awry.


Five tips for how to improve our listening skills.


Five tips for “finding the life” in our anger, ending with a short, guided reflection.


Nine tips for addressing, and even transforming, conflict.


Seven tips for working with mourning and healing.


Here are seven top tips for group facilitators.


When we need to say no.


On when we’re saying yes, but we really mean no.


Do you struggle through the winter months? Here’s some thoughts on how to achieve some ease.


How to make requests rather than demands.


Four tips for transforming your inner critic.


Why choose a restorative rather than a punitive approach?


Five questions to identify the essential purpose of NVC.


Speak your truth while keeping connection


Five tips to help any recovering perfectionist.


How to say ‘I love you’ in ways that bring joy.


How to give quick feedback.


How to give values based feedback


How to receive feedback skilfully


How to make friends with shame.


Embodied NVC #1: Fight, Flight, Freeze


Embodied NVC #2: Empathy Skills


Embodied NVC 3: Bridge to self-expression


Guided self-empathy reflection


How to bring NVC into education.


Support the compassionate parent in you


Tips for how to celebrate life!


Inner conflict: facing a dilemma


How to Stay Sane in the Climate and Ecological Emergency


Learning from your limitations