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NVC and Parenting

NVC Parenting articles by Shantigarbha and Christa Gronow

  • Turning Conflict into Cooperation
    We hear of parents in conflict with their children around everyday activities such as going to sleep, waking up, doing housework and homework. In this article we look at a child’s need for autonomy, why punishment doesn’t work, and how we take everybody’s needs into consideration.
  • The Problem with Praise
    Exploring the ineffectiveness of praise as a way of motivating our children, we suggest an alternative – appreciation (or gratitude).
  • NVC with Small Children
    The idea that we can communicate consciously with no words might sound surprising, but using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not dependent on your child being any particular age, or whether they are speaking yet. This is because the intention of NVC is stronger than the words.

These articles originally appeared in natural parenting magazine Juno, and have been lightly edited for context.