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NVC Summerfest with a new twist

At the moment the core team and I are very engaged in preparing for the Summerfest, which will happen in two weeks. We are looking forward to being close to nature, being with like-minded people, spending time together with different generations and sharing the values of NVC with a wider community, including dealing with conflict.

While we were discussing the content and structure of the camp, we looked back to last year’s Summerfest. Wow, what a nice time we had together! The weather was okay — a mixture of sun, rain, wind and warm temperatures. We had the ever-cheerful Mahesh in the kitchen, who gave us delicious meals. There were lots of community games, such as Werewolf, a role playing game, as well as chatting and singing around the bonfire, sauna sessions, an amazing No-need-for-talent show with many presentations, wild-swimming in a river, adventure walk, and so on. Lots of things we’d like to see happen again this year.

And at the same time this year it will be a little bit different. For instance, we do not want a separate programme organised for children. We would like a sense of cohesion with all. That means we’d like to find a way to include as many people as possible, that they feel engaged to step in their power and offer activities or support each other and be able to express themselves for example. We want to invite the whole community to create a programme where adults and children have the chance to spend more time together. We believe that both adults and younger people can benefit from having more shared time and space than might be the case in “normal” life. All sessions we organise will be open to all ages unless the person holding the space considers it is only suitable for a certain age group (e.g. adults, over 12s) and this will be discussed in advance.

I feel very excited about it and looking forward to experience the new idea!

Wishing all of us who have already booked a wonderful week of ease, fun, playfulness, connection, to be valued, inspiration, safety, personal development, richness, empowerment, creativity and sunshine — yeaaaahhhh!

Love, Gesine