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Summerfest Booking Conditions

We really want everyone to work together to support the camp to run smoothly, so we’re asking you to read the conditions below and assess if you are able and willing to keep them. Please also share relevant bits with young people in your group. If for some reason you find yourself unable to support these agreements, could you please contact us to discuss this?

Have you read the camp info, below?
Please read the page below and get in touch if you have any questions. Ready to book? Fill in the booking form. Booking form not yet available. In the meantime, please contact us if you’d like to be kept informed. 

NVC intentions
We hope that everyone will enjoy the community we co-create, and come with the intention to create it together. We hope to embody the spirit of NVC — compassionate connection. We hope you and all the children present will experience a quality of being heard here that is special. At whatever level of experience you have, we ask that you come with the intention to listen within the consciousness of NVC and the compassion in your heart even (perhaps especially) when others don’t manage it!

Please read even if you aren’t coming with children. This is a camp that we create together. If you need support with children/dependants look around to the camp community for support — speak up in the morning circle if needed. Practice seeing your requests as gifts to the group. If you don’t have dependants with you and/or you are already well-supported, please come with an openness to supporting others in need — maybe when packing bring ideas or materials for an activity you think children may enjoy? See more: coming with children.

Respect for the land, domestic animals, and wildlife
Please come knowing that, for the duration of the camp, we will be the temporary stewards of this land. We invite you to share our  intention to care for it and respect the wishes of the landowners. We will endeavour to recycle what we can and use non-polluting cleaning products etc. We ask that you do the same.

Community tasks
In order to run a smooth, enjoyable and healthy camp, we will create small teams each day to help with the tasks of living together. This may include jobs such as keeping communal areas tidy, keeping bathroom/toilet areas clean and stocked up, lighting fires etc. We hope to model how working together in this way can be fun and enjoyable.

Calm and noise
In order to support rest time, we ask you to agree to the following: after 10pm at night and before 8am speaking in a whisper around the tents and refraining from using electronic (including music) devices and playing outdoor games.

Alcohol / drugs / smoking
The Summerfest Café is alcohol free. We ask you to agree to not bring or consume any recreational drugs on the camp site. We also ask that you keep alcohol consumption to a minimum or not at all, and certainly out of sight. If there is any triggering for you about others’ use of alcohol, we ask that you seek support from your Empathy Home Group or organisers first. We’ll try to organise a smoking area for the desperate, as we’d like to model a non-smoking lifestyle for the younger folk.

Mobile phones / electronic games etc
We want this camp to be about connecting with each other (the people in the camp). To support this we ask that you keep the use of electronic devices to a minimum. There is 3G reception.

Empathy Home Groups
At the start of the camp we will be helping you to join an Empathy Home Group. This is a support group of 4-5 people. We will try to make sure that every group has at least one person who has sufficient empathy skills to help others who are newer to the idea of giving/receiving empathy. If you are unhappy with the group you are in, please speak up and request a change.

You can purchase a vegetarian meal package when you book for £80 (£50 for children 12 and under). This will include an evening meal on Tuesday 30 July; breakfast, lunch and dinner on each full day; breakfast and lunch on the last day (Sunday  4 August). Our chef can cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. If you have other dietary requirements, we suggest that you cater for yourself or bring supplementary foods.

In view of the number of participants, we have a limited number of spaces for dogs on the Summerfest. There will be small children running freely around the camp – we want to be sure that they and their parents feel safe. We’re also aware of a number of popular dog walking footpaths close to the venue. We have the following requests:

  • Could you keep your dog on the lead while it is onsite?
  • Could you contact us and check if there is a space for your dog, before filling in the booking form?

Special needs?
If you have special needs, please discuss these with us before booking.

Safety / responsibility
Seed of Peace CIC and the venue have insurance. There will be some natural hazards in the camp including the unfenced swimming lake and an open fire surrounded by benches. You come in the agreement that you take full responsibility for yourself and any children that are in your charge.

See payment options on the booking form. The easiest option for us is Internet bank transfer.

Refund policy

To support our sustainability, if you cancel your participation, as per the booking form:

  • Before 1 May we are willing to refund 80% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 May we are willing to refund 60% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 June we are willing to refund 40% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 July we are willing to refund 0% of your Summerfest ticket.

Paying in instalments
If paying the total booking price in one go is difficult for you, please contact us to discuss the possibility of paying in two instalments.

Cancellation of the camp
In the unlikely event that the organisers deem it necessary and unavoidable, we reserve the right to cancel the camp and return your money at any point.

Ready to book?
Fill in the booking form. Booking form not yet available.

Bookings information and first point of contact
Send an email to Gesine Schrader or phone her on 07840 056 289.