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Summerfest FAQs

Coming for less time

Is it possible to just come for less time?

We ask people to book and come for the whole camp week. People feel much safer when they know we all have committed for the whole time. It creates a safe container. Can you go with this?

Ticket price concessions

I can see from the information about NVC Summerfest that there is a concession price. I was just wondering who that applies to?

The concession price is for people who have a low income or live on benefits.


Our plans have changed, can I get a refund?

To support our sustainability, if you cancel your participation, as per the booking form:

  • Before 1 May we are willing to refund 80% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 May we are willing to refund 60% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 June we are willing to refund 40% of your Summerfest ticket.
  • After 1 July we are willing to refund 0% of your Summerfest ticket.


What kind of food is the meal package?

Lungi Babas from Frome will provide delicious, healthy vegetarian food at the Summerfest café. If you give them advance notice, they can cater for dairy-free and wheat-free diets. You’re welcome to prepare your own food in the camping field.

Will there be simple child-friendly food available?

Mahesh (our caterer) has plenty of experience of cooking for all ages. All the food will be vegetarian. Generally we have learned that children like simple foods. Foods like this will be available although we can’t promise to cater for children who are particularly limited in what they will eat. Please bring along any supplementary foods you know your child will like so that they don’t go hungry.

We are sharing a basic menu with you below to give you an idea of what you can expect and see if there is anything you might want to bring with you.

Menu Plan

Breakfast, daily

  • Porridge, Musli, Scrambled eggs Indian style. Throughout the day: selection of normal, herbal and fruity teas with biscuits and snacks.


  • Soup, salads and bread.
  • Pasta, salad (lots of greens), wild garlic pesto, tomato sauce and cheese.
  • Selection of salads, chickpeas with fresh herbs and wholes spices, steamed vegetables and quinoa.
  • Pasta with variety of fresh salads.
  • Quinoa salad with nutty condiments.
  • Mixed vegetable stew, spinach lentils and lemon rice.


  • Pasta served with pesto (vegan options available), greens, tomato sauce and cheese.
  • Moong daal, mixed vegetables with grated coconut, brown rice (same for kids with no spices).
  • Spinach lentils, squash and sweet potatoes with tamarind and jaggery, white rice.
  • Aloo gobi, kichidi ( rice and lentils cooked together with fresh herbs and whole spices), seseame seeds chutney, Yoghurt.
  • Tomato lentils, fresh greens and white rice.
  • Vegetable biryani, tomato masala with nuts and raitha.

Please be advised that the dishes and ingredients mentioned in our menu plan, above, could be subject to change without notice. Let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances before you arrive.

The meals are all vegan with dairy on the side, please let us know if you have any allergies or special dietary requests. Hot water will be available in the kitchen area for people to help themselves to.

Children’s menu

Will there be a special menu for children?

The children’s menu is based on a non-spicy version of the adult menu. We will also ensure they always have good quality bread, jam, rice cakes, oatcakes, peanut butter, honey, hot chocolate for them to have a snack whenever possible. Also, fresh raw vegetables will be available at meal times.

We saw in the recent email that Early Bird pricing is returning for a short time. Does this change the price of the catered option?

The returned Early Bird price doesn’t include meal packages. Meal packages are independent of the ticket price.

My daughter is four years old. Would it be necessary to have a separate meal ticket for a child of her age?

We don’t charge a fee for children until they are 16 years old to make it easy for parents to attend. And we try to be sustainable, so we can run the Summerfest every year again. This is why we ask parents to pay for their children’s meal package if they decide to go for the meal option. The fee covers the caterer and the food. We pay the caterer an honorarium. The caterer cooks for the number of people who have booked a meal package and charges per person per meal (it doesn’t matter what age).

If food is included in the ticket can I pay for a ticket without food or I’d like to know how I can be catered for and what are your meal times?

Ticket is without food. Meal package is an option.

What kind of food is it?

It’s gluten free, vegan and vegetarian based. Spicy herbs, dairy products or bread are on the side. So, people can choose.

Can I cook for myself?

If people need to cook for themselves, they bring a camping cooker and all the other things they need. Not far away is a supermarket in walking distance (15-20min). In the morning people make a request or offer for the supermarket. Sometimes people go by car and they are willing to give people a lift or buy things for others. Hot water for tea is always available.

My mother is coeliac and doesn’t cope well with spicy food, did I read somewhere that the catering is South Indian? If so will there be a mild option available?

Yes, there will be a mild food option. Spicy herbs or dressings are on the side. People can choose how spicy they like it.

Does the meal offer need to be bought for the whole week or can I buy individual bits and pieces day by day?

You pay for a meal package which is for five days. It’s not possible to buy individual bits and pieces day by day. Mahesh the caterer gets an honorarium and we pay for food per person for the whole 5 days to him. The food is calculated for the booked meal packages.

How much do the kids of volunteers pay for their meal packages?

We ask for the same meal package fee for all kids. We have reduced meal prices for community volunteers (3 hours/day) or free food for kitchen volunteers (4 hours/day). Some information for understanding: we don’t charge any entry fee for kids under 16, and we pay for Mahesh and his budgeting per person (it doesn’t matter which age). I heard it’s difficult for you to imagine to pay for your two kids £90. We want to support you to come to the Summerfest with your kids. Could you imagine to pay something between £60 -£90 for your kids?


In the tents glamping tents, will there be powerpoints for charging our electrical appliances; are they the standard UK Charging points?

Yes, there will be charging points in the kitchen. However not in your bell tent. We will check with the campsite manager where else we can have charging points. All points will be standard UK – I guess you need an adaptor if you are coming from abroad.

Could you kindly advise where are the nearest bathroom/shower facilities to our tent (glamping)?

The toilets and shower facilities are close to the pond.


At the campsite, do we park cars near our tent or are they to be somewhere further away (if further, how far?)

When people arrive at the camp site, they choose a place for their tent, take the car to this place and unload the car. Afterwards people park the car above the pond. I would say it’s not far, however it’s a bit hilly there. If you do the walk several times a day maybe it’s exhausting or you can see it as your daily fitness programm. :))

When people arrive at the camp site, they take the car to their place where they camp and unload the car. Afterwards people park the car above the pond. I would say it’s not far, however it’s a bit hilly there.

We try to have only tents, camper vans and caravans (small area) in the shared space where we live together.

Can I come in my (very old tiny) campervan and sleep in it? where would the parking be for it, and will I be on my own or will I be parking it with the people camping or other campervans?

Yes, campervans are fine. We have an area for camper van and an area for tents. We try to keep the camp area car free. People keep their car a little bit outside of the camp area after they have unloaded their camping stuff. To make the campsite a safe space for children, we ask that campervans stay in the field for the five days. All camper van stay together in an certain area. How is this for you?