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Testimonials from previous NVC Summerfests

People sat in a circle on the grass
A workshop in progress, NVC Summerfest 2014

Here’s what people said about previous Summerfests!

Fantastic holiday at NVC Summerfest, beautiful place, beautiful weather, beautiful food, beautiful people, lots of fun and support, really only saw Eden at meal and bed time as he was off doing his beautiful thing with his beautiful friends. Beautiful welcome home from Jack who had a week with his beautiful buddies. Feeling exhausted but nurtured and very blessed.

Fiona Drury

Whole experience was powerful and moving. Very glad I came.

Delicious empathy.

My heart has been nourished.

Home safely after a 400 mile drive. Yay! Thank you to everyone who made the Nvc summerfest so amazing for me and my child.
Christine Black

People sitting around a campfire at dusk
The central fire at dusk, NVC Summerfest 2014

I’m relaxing on the sofa after a very full and enlivening camping week of NVC Summerfest. I so enjoyed living in community and being beautifully cooked for by Harry Pitcher and seeing my son roaming around the campsite with his new friends. Thank you to all the official Angels at camp and the unofficial ones who supported me in my grief and healing. I enjoyed the reminder of how few ‘things’ I need and its the experiences and relationships which nourish me. I loved the stories for children which were told and sung and acted. Wishing I had this many resourceful people around me in my everyday life to share the joys and practicalities of life with. My son is celebrating that he asked for a Treasure Hunt and it was already being planned! Thank you Shantigarbha, Penny Spawforth, Sophie Docker, Sarah Ludford, Dorota Godby and team.