Self-Empathy: A Life-Changing Bodily Experience!

person dancing
In Nonviolent Communication, a fundamental part of what's known as The NVC Tree of Compassionate Connection is 'Self-Empathy'. Self-Empathy is something we teach on our Online: Six-week, NVC Level 1 Course. What can seem like a simple process theoretically can be very unfamiliar with a lot of people. It's a great skill to practice daily. So what can you expect from adopting the practise of self-e...
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Parenting: turning conflict into cooperation

parent holding child at the beach
A constant power struggle What do we want for ourselves and our children? When we ask this question in our parenting workshops, we always hear the same answers: respect, care, cooperation and responsibility. Sadly, the picture we get from people talking about their daily parenting lives is different. We hear of parents in conflict with their children around everyday activities. Whether that's ...
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