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The Life-changing communication course

Transform your life with compassionate communication! This Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Level One Course will help you to communicate more compassionately with your loved ones, friends and work colleagues. Why do this course?

  • Practise transformational communication tools you can immediately apply in your daily life.
  • Learn how to express yourself to others, listen to others, and listen compassionately to yourself.
  • Experience experiential learning – working with situations from your life.
  • Gives you a stepping stone to further compassionate communication courses.

In 2023 we will be running our Life-changing communication course online in a six-week format and as an in-person weekend. For next dates, see our Full Programme.





NVC Level Two Courses

Now you have completed the Life-changing communication course with us or an equivalent course with another certified NVC trainer, you are eligible to attend our three Level Two courses and our Year Training. When you’ve done 10 days of training, you can register with CNVC as a certification candidate.

How to transform anger compassionately course

Anger is a powerful emotion – can you imagine the power of transforming it compassionately? Finding the life in anger? This Nonviolent Communication Level Two (Deepening) course is designed for practising skills learned in your Life-changing communication course, plus developing further understanding and skills in the area of transforming anger, guilt, shame and depression. For next dates, see our Full Programme.

  • Learn how to express anger fully without blame, attack or threat.
  • Learn how to receive anger in ways that increase safety, respect and understanding.
  • Clarify your feelings and needs in challenging situations.
  • Extend skills and understanding with the ‘Anger, Guilt, Shame and Depression’ Dance Floor.
  • Dance Floors are spatial maps of the NVC process which we lay on the floor and walk through – hence Dance Floors.

Strengthening relationships through empathy

Imagine interacting with others in a way that allows everyone’s needs to be equally valued.

Empathy creates connection and strengthens existing relationships, in all areas of our lives. It can bridge temperamental, cultural and religious differences. Featuring the NVC Tree of Compassionate Connection, the Self-empathy Dance Floor, empathy listening exercises, the 13 Step Inner/Outer Dance Floor. More information on the NVC Dance Floors. For next dates, see our Full Programme.

  • Review and practice the basic ingredients of NVC.
  • Share the ups and downs of applying NVC in your life.
  • Extend skills and understanding with the NVC Dance Floors.
  • Discover the healing power of presence.
  • Connect empathically with yourself and others.

Transforming inner and outer conflict

What are the alternatives to avoiding conflict or staying and escalating the conflict? Do you want to learn how to solve inner conflicts, resolve your conflicts with others, and support people around you when they are in conflict with each other? For next dates, see our Full Programme.

  • Learn how to remain centred and break deadlocks in conflicts with others.
  • Learn how to make difficult decisions when you’re in inner conflict.
  • Learn how to learn from your limitations without losing self-respect.
  • Learn how to begin mediating between two people who are in conflict in both formal and informal settings.

NVC Year Training 2023-4: Building Community

Discover how to apply the principles of NVC to building your community. Five modules between October 2023 and June 2024. Each module will be a three-day, residential course at Maitreya House, near Hereford. The fifteen days total of the training count towards CNVC certification. Join the eight or more people who have done our Year Training and gone onto become certified NVC trainers. Full information here.

Certification with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication

All in-person and online days of training with us will count towards the 10 days’ training you need to register as a candidate and the 50 days of training you need before your final assessment. Further information here.


Transformational Communication

Intensive, online, self-paced Nonviolent Communication course. Learn how to apply Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in your daily life at your own pace with Shantigarbha and Gesine.

Further information here