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Israel/Gaza: an NVC perspective

  I haven’t been able to respond to the current round of hostilities between Israel and Gaza. Like others, I’ve been struck numb by heartbreak. So firstly I want to acknowledge a profound sense of horror at the renewal or mass murder as a way of dealing with conflict. I want to acknowledge the immeasurable suffering that this stimulates, both now and in the future, as violence reverberate...
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Anxious or avoidant: how NVC can help

Anxious or avoidant? Are you anxious about losing connection with your loved ones? Do you find it difficult to speak up in groups? Alternatively, are you constantly pushing away thoughts of a painful breakup? Do you avoid difficult conversations? These are the questions you can ask yourself to find out your attachment style: anxious or avoidant. NVC usually reserves labels for jars! How...
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Holding the World in Our Hearts

Here at Seed of Peace we feel deep sadness to hear of Russian 'special operations' in Ukraine, which appear to amount to an invasion. We feel tormented to see Ukrainian civilians being shelled and long for their safety. We long for Ukrainians to get the practical and emotional support they need to protect their country and their way of life. Our compassionate instinct encourages us to resonat...
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