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Volunteering at the Summerfest

Join us at the Critchill Manor Estate, two miles from Frome, Somerset, from Tuesday 30 July – Sunday 4 August. Get the lowdown on volunteering below.

Elsewhere, check out the photo gallery from 2018, and please have a look at the festival programme page for an outline of how we make NVC the fabric of our event! Elsewhere, meet the Summerfest team, find out what’s on, discover more about the venue, read up on coming with children,  get travel directions, and read our Ts&Cs. Ready to book? Fill in the online booking form.

This year we are looking for:

  • Six kitchen volunteers. As of 7 July, kitchen volunteer places are full.
  • Six community volunteers. As of 7 July, community volunteer places are full.

Please contact us if you’d like to offer your time. Details below.

Kitchen volunteers

We offer a reduced ticket price of £99 and free food, and ask you to give four hours of your time per day to help our chef Mahesh in the kitchen. This could involve:  
  • washing up
  • chopping vegetables
  • preparing breakfast
  • helping with serving at the buffet table
  • preparing hot water, coffee, tea. 

Community Volunteers

We offer a reduced ticket price of £99 and a reduced food price of £40, and ask for 3 hours of your time per day to support the camp community. This could involve:


  • Helping people with parking and unloading
  • Helping people put up their tents
  • Tending the camp fire
  • Tending the sauna
  • Tending the compost toilets
  • Helping with cleaning the kitchen 
  • Preparing snacks and refreshments
  • Shopping, if you have a car, and if requested. 
  • Daily checking/cleaning camp spaces. 


  • Putting up signs around camp
  • Decorating the meeting tents
  • Making signs, if needed. 
  • Making pinboards with 1. Daily Programme, 2. Announcements, Offerings and Requests.
  • Before camp: sourcing/making decorations.

These are the main areas where we need help. It would be also helpful if you have some flexibility to go in different areas if needed.

Please contact us if you’d like to offer your time as a Kitchen or Community Volunteer.

Photographer: this volunteer place is already taken for 2019.

Yoga: this volunteer place already taken for 2019.

Contact improvisation: this volunteer place is already taken for 2019.

Biodanza: this volunteer place is already taken for 2019.