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NVC Year Training 2020-21

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This page gives an introduction. Elsewhere you can read up on the five module Syllabus, or explore the fees and venue. Ready to book? Please fill in the online application form

It’s all about building community! The Center for Nonviolent Communication’s New Future Process unearthed deep insights into community-building and self-organising groups. Shantigarbha hosted the process’s ‘Social Change and Peacebuilding’ working group.

What do we mean by community?

Your community is the people you share time, space and resources with. It’s the people you eat with, the people you share space with. It’s the people you share common resources with, whether it’s a well or a website. Inasmuch as you share resources, you also share risk about how those resources are used.

There are five, three-day, residential modules in the Year Training between October 2020 and July 2021, held at Maitreya House, near Hereford. The fifteen days of the training count towards CNVC certification.

Our theme is Building Community, and we focus on:

  • Module One: Setting up a support system (1–4 October 2020)
  • Module Two: Setting up a Conflict Transformation system (10–13 December 2020).
  • Module Three: Healing past pain (25–28 February, 2021)
  • Module Four: Setting up a decision-making system (6–9 May 2021).
  • Module Five: Setting up Access and Resource Allocation (economic) systems (8–11 July 2021).

More about the Year Training syllabus.

The benefits of a year-long training

  • The five modules give a sense of structure and progression.
  • The format offers greater depth than one-off workshops.
  • We become a community of people living NVC.
  • The community offers mutual support.

All modules are led by NVC certified trainers Shantigarbha and Gesine Schrader. Between us we have decades of experience of supporting different communities, including the NVC networks in the UK and South Asia, the Triratna Buddhist Community and a Steiner School in Germany.

Learning and living together

As well as learning the principles of NVC that support us to build community, we will also be exploring how to live as a temporary community during our time together. This will include working together on community tasks, such as cooking, washing up and cleaning. We will also be exploring how we make decisions and address conflict as a community.  We invite you to bring your courage and self-responsibility, bearing in mind that coming together as a community can be challenging, and conflicts may arise. It is in these situations that we are most likely to grow in our capacity to build community.


We will be going on an intense yearlong journey, and we want to get a sense beforehand of how it will be to travel together. When you register, we will invite you to an online interview, so that you can ask us questions, and we can get a sense if we think that you’ll thrive on the way.

Covid-19 restrictions

We are anticipating that Covid-19 physical distancing restrictions will ease by the time of the first module in October. If they don’t ease, or new restrictions are applied, we will consider either offering the module online or postponing it.

About the Training: What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?

NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg over a period of forty years as a response to one simple yet powerful question: why do some people continue to act compassionately, even in deeply challenging situations? NVC is now being used by a worldwide network of trainers and practitioners in fields such as education, parenting, mediation, conflict resolution, psychotherapy, and social change. Further introduction to NVC.

Who will benefit from attending this training?

Anyone who wants to deepen their understanding and skills in building community. This includes intentional community members, home-schoolers, co-operative members and others. You will gain:

  • Understanding of the systems that you need to set up in order to build community. 
  • Skill-building in setting up the different systems. 
  • Developing your communication skills to improve relationships at home and work.
  • Learning and support from fellow participants in an ongoing NVC community.
  • Ideas and support to create the kind of world you want to live in.

The modules of this training are open to people of all levels of NVC skill and experience, from complete newcomers to those already sharing NVC.


This year Gift Culture is one of the themes of the Year Training. As part of this, we ask for an organisational fee of £860 (that’s £172 per 3-day module) when you apply, and a further amount of your choosing at the end of each module, towards the sustainability of the trainers. More about fees.