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Fees and venue

The fees for the Year Training, what they cover, and how to apply; we also introduce the venue. Elsewhere, find out about the syllabus that makes up our five modules, or skip to the Year Training application form.


This year Gift Culture is one of the themes of the Year Training. Gift Culture is a new paradigm that moves us away from making money a measurement of worth and value, towards focusing on the sustainability of the community as a whole. More about Gift Culture.

As part of our experimentation with this new way of doing money, we ask the following:  

  1. When you apply we’re asking for a fee of £650 (that’s £130 per three-day module) towards organisational costs e.g. food, self-catering, workshop materials, including handouts, and accommodation in the Farmhouse (see details in Accommodation). 
  2. At the end of each module we will ask you to make a further financial contribution of your choosing towards the financial sustainability of our trainers, Shantigarbha and Gesine.  On the booking form, we will ask you to confirm that you are aware of that you are aware of this.
  3. If you will struggle to pay the organisational fee in one sum, we are open to receiving it in two instalments (50% when you book, 50% by 1 September 2019).

Ready to apply? Fill in the Year Training application form


All five modules will be hosted at Paddington Farm, Glastonbury. Paddington Farm is a charitable trust and a social enterprise, located on a 43-acre organic farm situated at the foot of the famous Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. More information about Paddington Farm, including travel directions.


Included in the fee is accommodation in The Farmhouse. There is a men’s dormitory and women’s dormitory. In addition, there are a limited number of single or twin rooms, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you want more space and privacy, there are four twin/single rooms in the adjoining Longhouse. These are not included in the fee, and cost £22.50 per person, per night, or £337.50 per person for all five modules (the cost price to us).


We see self-catering as a way to support the process of community-building. It also keeps the organisational costs low, making the training accessible to people of different financial resources. On the booking form we will ask if you are willing to participate in looking after the shared spaces at Paddington Farm and being part of a catering-team for one of the modules.

Group size

Due to the number of beds available at the venue, we are limiting the number of places on the Year Training to twenty.

Further information

Contact Gesine Schrader via our email contact form, or phone her on 07840 056 289.