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Venue, self-catering and fees

The venue, self-catering and fees, including what they cover. Elsewhere, get an overview, find out about the syllabus that makes up our five modules, or skip to the online application form.


All five modules of the NVC Year Training will be hosted at:

Maitreya House
Lower Maescoed
HR2 0HP.

Visit the Maitreya House website, including travel directions.


Included in the organisational fee is accommodation at Maitreya House. The accommodation comprises:

  1. Twin bedroom upstairs in the farmhouse.
  2. Triple bedroom upstairs in the farmhouse.
  3. Single bedroom upstairs in the farmhouse.
  4. Three twin cabins near Farmhouse.
  5. One single cabin near Farmhouse.
  6. Two twin cabins in the grounds of the Zendo.

On the application form, we will ask you to indicate your preference for a room in the farmhouse or a cabin. We will make the room allocation to take into account as many of these preferences as possible. Availability of single rooms depends on numbers of participants.


Maitreya House is in a rural area, and there is no wifi or mobile phone signal in the house itself. You can find patchy reception if you walk up to the road (one minute). People who come here on retreat say that it gives them a break from their devices. Could you imagine treating the NVC Year Training as a retreat?


We see self-catering as a way to support us to live NVC. We are currently engaging a host who will plan and buy food for the menu, allocate rooms and organise the kitchen rota. Self-catering keeps the organisational costs low and allows us to cater for specific dietary requirements. On the application form we will ask if you are willing to sign up on a rota to help prepare and cook meals and clean up afterwards.

Group size

Due to the size of the venue, we are limiting the number of places on the Year Training to a maximum of 14 plus one host and two trainers.

Further information

Contact Gesine Schrader via email, or phone her on +44 (0)7840 056 289.

Gift Culture

  1. When you apply we’re asking for a fee of £1390.00 (that’s equivalent to £278.00 per three-day module) towards organisational costs e.g. food, self-catering, workshop materials, including handouts, and accommodation at Maitreya House, plus food and accommodation for the two trainers plus the host. We do it this way to make this Training accessible to people of different financial resources.
  2. At the end of each module we will ask you to make a further financial contribution of your choosing towards us continuing to offer and expand this work. On the application form, we will ask you to confirm that you are aware of this.
  3. We are open to receiving your Booking Fee in instalments: get in touch with us to agree a plan.
  4. Our booking deadline is Monday 9 September, 2024.

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