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NVC Camping Space 2021

Looking forward to NVC Camping Space 2021

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we don’t see how to offer the Summerfest this year. Instead, we’d like to offer an NVC Camping Space, similar to 2020, at the same venue. We’re hopeful that this venue and format will be flexible enough to make it very likely that we can meet.

On this page, you can find all the information we have about the NVC Camping Space. Please ignore other Summerfest pages from previous years.

Dates: Tuesday 27th July – Thursday 5th August 2021.

Venue: Radform Mill Farm, Mill Lane, Timsbury, Bath BA2 0QF.

We’re delighted to announce that Radford Mill Farm have agreed to reserve the River Meadow for us again this summer! They will do so until 1st April, after which they reserve the right to book out empty pitches to non-NVC folk.

Liz at Radford Mill would like us to book individually with her via her email. Bookings will only be secure once full payment has been made. In the event of a cancellation due to government restrictions, there will be no refunds. However, Liz is happy for us to reschedule either as a whole group or individually, subject to availability. There is no time restriction for rescheduling.

The cost is the same as 2020, that is £10 per adult per night, with children coming free, and the set-up is similar to last year with individual pitches, each having their own toilet and tap. This year, however, we have 3 extra pitches, making 21 in total.

With community cohesion and safety in mind, it feels important to ensure that we have sole use of the River Meadow. In order for this to happen, all 21 pitches must be booked by NVC campers before 1 April. We request that those of us who are in a position to do so, book and pay as soon as possible to secure our place, ideally by 1 March. This would help the core team in terms of allowing us time to advertise and try to make up the numbers, should we fall short.

We have reserved the River Meadow for nine nights in response to last year’s closing circle, where many of us expressed a wish for the camp to be longer. We encourage those of us who can, to stay for the full duration as past experience has shown us that this creates a much more settled environment for all. If this is difficult for you, please contact Sarah-Jane for a chat on 07805 810631 or email her

Interest Form

We would be grateful if you could complete the very quick interest form. This is for our information only and will help us to plan the camp, in terms of numbers, shelter, firewood and cooking materials.


  1. Complete the interest form for NVC Camp Core Team.
  2. Book & pay direct with Liz at Radford Mill: email her.
  3. Inform Sarah-Jane once your booking is confirmed, so that we can keep you updated: email her.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah-Jane via email, telephone, or text.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all at camp again!

Best wishes, NVC Camping Space Core Team
(Sarah-Jane, Eileen, Gesine, Rik & Shantigarbha)


As a reminder of past glories 😉 you could watch the highlights of Summerfest 2019 in the video below.